All of Concrete Safaris’ participants are required to both know and practice the Rules (RRULLLESSF!):

Respect  We respect our selves, each other, the land, all living things within the land, and our personal and group belongings.

Responsibility  We take responsibility for our personal and group actions.

Unique-ness  We show the world our best selves.

Listening  We listen to each other.

Learning  We learn to build our skills, knowledge, and character.

Leadership  We are healthy leaders during and outside of workshop hours, in our community and beyond.

Energy (Exercise & Eating Healthy)  We exercise regularly and eat healthfully every day to create positive energy within ourselves and to meet life’s challenges with a clear mind and strong body.

Sharing  We share our ideas for the benefit of the group and all supplies available during workshops without greed or entitlement.

Safety  We practice safety and are aware that what we do impacts those around us.

Fun  We love to have fun outside every day!